The Frugal Canadian

See the frugal homemaker that I love and wish to be. She has a coupon organizer and pays $43 for $876 worth of groceries. She buys beef at $0.99 a pound and fills her freezer for the coming year. She dries the family laundry on her clothesline in the year round sunshine. She has backyard chickens and a miniature goat.

The Canadian homemaker is challenged. The coupons she can scrounge together are for brand name products that cost more with a coupon that the store brand equivalent. She drives two hours to get her beef a few cents cheaper. She dries her family laundry on the clothesline as long as winter holds off and it isn’t rainy, hailing or so windy her underwear will end up on the neighbour’s car, which is typically 48 days of the year. Due to the nation’s socialist bent, housing livestock in the city is nearly impossible because she can’t simply say, “it’s my right to do as I please” when she knows well that her neighbour’s right to not be annoyed or inconvenience will likely trump her desire for fresh eggs.

I haven’t found much in the way of Canadian homemaking resources. It can be frustrating trying to compare grocery sales to American deals. For example, milk does not typically go on sale in Canada. Instead, grocery stores will set prices for staples such as milk, white bread, butter and eggs at the same price as other grocery stores (“We won’t be beat!”) So you can’t wait for milk to be on sale and stock up.

There is a tenth of the population here and therefore a tenth of the selection and a tenth of the competition that makes for good bargains.

Granted, many homemaking skills cross the border. Ideas for stretching your resources is something that we adapt for our own families. But hopefully, more Canadians will reach out blog-wise and start sharing how they manage.


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