Non-Fun Vs. Fun Renovations

It’s easy to get excited about home renovations especially when you move somewhere new.

“We’ll move the dining room in here, take out this wall and put the fireplace over by the landing overlooking the ravine! We can watch the deer prancing on Christmas morning!”

“We’re painting the whole room Quivering Aspen by Martha Stewart! It matches our distressed sideboard.”

“The bathroom will have a heated floor, the hallways will have cork floors and the bedrooms will be all bamboo!”

Can’t wait. Imaging the final product is Fun Renovations. Even picking out the paint and flooring is Fun Renovations. Pretty much anything you can see once the project is over is Fun Renovations.

Subfloors and insulation would be Non-Fun Renovations. No one gets excited about deciding if they want to make their wall insulation R12 or R14. No one counts down to the day when you’ll go pick out your electrical wiring. We’re doing a lot of Non-Fun Renovations.

Necessary Renovations also fall under Non-Fun Renovations. We’ve replaced all the wiring in our house, which involved riping all the old lathe and plaster off the walls, rewiring, insulating and building new walls. Next spring we will launch into new plumbing. Everywhere.

Non-Fun Renovations tend to be expensive. And it’s harder to cope with a $600 bill when you know you’ll never lay eyes on that luan subfloor again. You start to think of all the money buried in your walls. When we have a bad day, I think about a month ago when our house looking like this:


It’s nice to have walls again.


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