I am not a morning person. Never have been. Unless you count the decade or so when I would stay up all night and fall asleep watching the sunrise. And even worse, I’m a big fan of sleep. In the past, I’ve managed on eight hours of sleep for a significant length of time, but really, when left to my own devices, I’ll sleep nine, ten or even eleven hours.

When I was a teenager, the late nights, long sleeps and trouble getting up in the morning seemed natural. Most teenagers function this way. But I never changed. Not only have I not changed my internal clock to a more mature and sensible schedule but I’ve developed a dislike for anything “morning-like”. My husband enjoys the quiet, before-everyone-else-is-up peace but I prefer to be the everyone-else that is still in bed. The cool, damp dew of morning just makes me feel chilled.

But alas, the world has decided that mornings are for waking and I’ve done my best to conform. To this end, I am serious about alarm clocks. I don’t like buzzings or beepings. Mornings are bad enough without being annoyed awake. I had a gentle chirping from an unassuming IKEA clock for years but I secretly longed for a clock radio. My brothers had them when we were growing up but for whatever reason, all I had was a buzzing, pink nightmare with a grungy orange light.

Last year, my husband bought me my very own clock radio WITH CD PLAYER. Well, who knew. I was delighted and thrilled with each discovered feature. Choice of back light colour! Choice of CD track! And best of all, once you set the alarm, you never had to set it again. Every morning I would turn it off and it would automatically reset for the next day. It remembered. We were friends.

But my husband disliked my new friend. Granted, the back light was absurdly bright. I fashioned a wee sleep mask for the clock. Problem solved. If I needed the time, I’d look at my husband’s clock. He was never thrilled with the solution and I think he was secretly pleased when the clock was dropped during our last move. I was sure I could fix it and stuck it in a box, somewhere still buried in our storage.

It’s unlikely I’ll ever need an alarm clock anytime soon. I don’t think mothers of babies worry that much about sleeping in. I still find myself looking at the latest in alarm clock innovations. I haven’t found anything that could take the place of Ole Glowy.


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  1. Charley Soop

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