Christmas List

In the spirit of frugality and less waste, I’m trying to make all our presents this year. I have oodles of yarn and patterns a-plenty so I’ve come up with a (hopefully) realistic schedule:

October 31:
Little Girl Mittens for my niece.

November 7:
Grandma’s Shawl for my mum. A started project from ages ago. Already about 10% done.

November 14:
Boy Mittens for my nephew. It’s going to be hard to find a pattern for him. It’s hard to knit for teenage boys.

November 21:
Sister Mittens for my sister-in-law.

November 28:
Brother Mittens for my eldest brother.

December 5:
Brother Mittens again. Or maybe a hat. For my other brother.

December 12:
Something for My Man. This is tough. He has hats and mitts and scarves. I don’t think I could knit him socks that he wouldn’t find too warm. Hmm…

December 19:
Something for My Man’s Mum. I knit her a scarf years ago. Maybe mitts? We’ll see how my sister-in-law’s mittens go.

Wish me luck! I don’t want to end up in a Christmas Eve panic but knowing that I’m knitting up our entire Christmas list is great motivation.


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