Our first Halloween at this house was a bit of a bust. The front half of our house is a construction zone (which is sort of scary when the lights are off) but we bought candy and my husband brought a pumpkin home, which was left over from the church’s harvest Thanksgiving decorations. I’m not a fan of Halloween for a variety of reasons but Tom loves it and happily carved the pumpkin, found a candle and set him out on the porch.

We had two kids. And only because they are our neighbours and they saw us setting out the pumpkin as they headed out to a safer neighbourhood for their trick-or-treating. We live on a rather busy street but there are sidewalks and the rest of our block and beyond is residential. I imagine kids haven’t been coming around this side of the block for awhile. Tom ended up taking the leftover candy to work and giving it to the Sunday School kids. Our pumpkin ended up in a pile of leaves that is destined to be our vegetable garden next year.

Next year, we’ll still put out a pumpkin and who knows? Maybe we will lure the kids back. Wait, that doesn’t right.


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