Using What You Have

Like most people, we have a lot of stuff. You may suspect it but you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it. For me, moving all our stuff twice in six months was ample evidence that we had enough.

We are in the throes of renovation and most of our stuff remains in boxes but as more comes out, I’m discovering the thrill of lightening our load. Our house doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, which has been great motivation. When our bedroom closet was ready to be used, I made note of the space I could work with and decided what I would keep. With the space restraint, it was easier to let go of clothes that no longer fit, that I didn’t like or I didn’t need. What I had left was put away.

I waited until I had my “keep” pile before I thought about what I needed to organize it all. This was a big tip for me when I first came across it. When organizing, we want to buy the great looking system, the plastic bins, the labels. But unless you know what you need to put away and think about the best way to do it, all the cute baskets in the world aren’t going to get you organized. With our closet, I had room for hanging items and folded items but I needed something for odds and ends. Two small plastic bins from the dollar store ($3) and Bob’s your uncle.

Our latest move also brought up a treasure trove of toiletries. Bars of soap I had bought on sale, lovely lotions that had been Christmas gifts, facial cleansers that I was dying to try. As I boxed it up and later as I unpacked a few at a time, I realized we had bathroom supplies for ages. I realized how silly it was to have soap that was too nice to use and started using everything we had – no longer waiting for a special occasion to use a scented body oil or a fruity facial mask. Heck, why wait? The upside to the indulgence of using what we have is that I won’t have to buy soap, shampoo, moiturizer or countless other pampering treats for months. And once I have (finally) run out, I won’t have to worry about storing it all.

As each little bit of this old house is renovated and we gain a bit more space and can unpack a bit more, I’m eager to lighten our load, make ourselves more efficient and learn to make do with what we have.


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