Christmas Knitting Update #2

I’m down but not out. The shawl is taking longer than I thought. I’m nearly done – I think maybe another two days will do and then blocking (which I’ll do closer to Christmas). If I crank out two pairs of mittens over the weekend (ha ha), I’ll be close to back on schedule. By the way, this is the shawl I’m knitting in Rowanspun 4 ply 705 Spiced Orange (discontinued). I printed it off and started this shawl ages ago (I think for a Christmas gift last year) but stopped for some reason. It’s fun to knit and I think I’ll make one for myself with some Rowanspun 4 ply Blood (discontinued), which I bought at the same time.

I’m not in a panic yet and I’m still motivated by the awesomeness of making all our presents this year (especially since all extra income is being devoured by renovations) and thinking about how much space I will free up in my yarn stash.

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