Where I Grew Up

Now and then I like to catch up on the news from the city where I grew up. The newspaper is filled with spelling and grammatical errors and there’s always two or three apologies or corrections for past mistakes. It reads like a small town community newspaper when in fact, the city is a decent size. My favourite section is the crime blotter. I’m usually looking for people from my high school but most stories there tell so much more about the community than the isolated incident.

The latest crime:

“A man found at the city cemetery with a metal detector and a shovel told police he was looking for coins.”

Of course. Better yet, the witness:

“The court heard from Mr. Smith who had seen a man making digging motions and making prying motions under a stone. ‘It made me feel uncomfortable,’ said Mr. Smith. Under cross-examination, the witness said he is visually impaired and legally blind.”

Crank the accordion, the circus is in town.


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