Homemaker Monday #6

The weather in my neck of the woods:
2 degrees and cloudy.

One of my simple pleasures:
Knitting in the round.

On my bedside table:
A Breath of Snow and Ashes – Diana Gabaldon. Still.

On my TV Laptop:
Work to do.

On the menu for tonight:

On my To Do List:
Some serious dish doing. We think the cat’s stomach issues might be related to drinking soapy dish water.

New Recipe I tried last week:
Added some leftover cream cheese to my tuna casserole. Par-tay.

In the craft basket:
A blue and grey hat for my nephew.

Looking forward to:
My next OB appointment… and our stop at Booster Juice for a Funky Monkey.

Homemaking Tip for this week:
My home is in no state for me to give tips this week.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
Life in a Shoe – November 23 – Homemade Flour Tortillas.

Lesson learned the past few days:
A dropped stitch is not the end of the world.

On my Prayer List:
For safe travels for everyone out and about on holiday business.


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