Update From Here

We live on a pretty exciting corner in this small town. Our house is on the inside curve of where a business area ends and a residential area begins. Just before the business area is a highway and almost no one slows down from highway speed over the kilometre or so before the curve. You’re supposed to slow down on the curve to 30 kilometres and since our driveway backs out where everyone hurtles around that corner, we know that most people don’t.

A few days ago, I heard a crash. I thought cars had crashed, something we’ve seen there before. Instead, I looked out our bedroom window and saw a pickup truck had not made the curve at all and had crashed into the house across the street. The truck took out the porch and stopped just short of crashing through the front wall. As I called 911, I watch the driver crawl out the passenger side and stagger around. Another driver stopped and convinced Mr. Good Ideas to stick around and the police arrived within two minutes. Not only was he stinking drunk, he claimed that he didn’t have any ID.

Action Corner!

This morning, we woke up just in time to see the Olympic torch runner pass by, cozy in our pajamas.

Action Corner!

Exam Update: The good news is the university is giving an extra two weeks to write our final exam, due to the holidays cutting the possible dates for writing. The realistic news is that I still have to write my midterm on Tuesday and have all my assignments done next week. So much work to do.

Knitting Update: Not so much knitting going on due to studying. I think I’ll wash and block what I need to this weekend and feel somewhat vindicated.

Baby Preparation Update: I’m still waiting for our cloth diapers that I ordered from Parenting by Nature. They shipped very quickly but we live a dead-zone of mail delivery. Like most things that are mailed and then stuck indefinitely, I’m sure the diapers are sitting in a Mississauga warehouse. I also bought two slings from SnuggleBug, which were packaged small enough that they came with our regular mail. Ordered and still waiting on a nursing tank from Babysteals. Thank goodness for the Internet and online shopping. Woohoo!


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