Christmas Wrap Up

Well, I am pleased with how the knitting turned out. I gave away the knitting if I was happy how it turned out. I meant to get glamour shots but in the last moment weaving in ends, blocking and wrapping on the same afternoon that Thomas ran away with the camera, it didn’t happen. More knitting lost forever.

There’s one more present to be knit – something for my MIL. I have no idea what but it better be fast because we can only delay sending the gifts for so long (we’re claiming the entire 12 days of Christmas, though she might be getting an Epiphany gift).

Frugal gift giving meant our total spent on gifts this year: $99.04 for eight recipients. I knit quite a few gifts, we used a gift card to cover another and we chose not give each other anything. I’m pretty tickled about that, considering the whole affair was stress-free, the gifts were more meaningful and next year we have a goal to beat.

The best gift I received was this album from my brother:

I have no idea who this is but the album cover is awesome. I can’t wait to hear it.


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  1. noogamom

    WOW 99 bucks for 8 people is a great- My husband and I decided to wait until AFTER Christmas sales to get eachother gifts. It worked out pretty well. By the way, your blogs are great. I enjoy reading them, as another home-maker mom. Maybe you can give me some knitting tips. I’m horrible at it. =)

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