The Last Picture Show

I wanted to see a movie before the baby arrives because it may be a while before we get the chance again.

For me, the movie experience comes down to the popcorn. I’ll go to just about any movie (with the exception of bloody, gory, violent movies) as long as I can have popcorn. With butter. Because, really, if you’re going to spend that much on something so cheap and nutritionally shallow, who are you fooling? It’s junk and it is delicious. Popcorn is the reason that I have seen Transformers, Iron Man and countless other movies that Thomas would happily watch, popcorn or not.

We went to see Up in the Air and we were both pleasantly surprised. Mostly due to the fact that after most movies we go to, even Thomas admits they aren’t GOOD movies.

And I had popcorn. Another pre-baby event done.


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