I like Happy Homemaker‘s approach to the New Year – goals, rather than resolutions. I lived goal-less much of my life and boy, can I tell. But now that I am all down with the goalful life, I’m excited to think about the possibilities.


I’d like to be tidier for Thomas’ sake. While a clean and tidy home is great, I don’t notice clutter and mess the way he does. It makes him loopy. It’s not that I like a mess – I just don’t see it a lot of the time. I feel there are worse things in the world than a pile of paper or laundry. But I’d like to do better now that I’m staying home, I see that as part of my job.

Let’s be realistic, however.

1. Keep the kitchen under control. Specifically, the dishes. I’m not fooling anyone by promising to have all the dishes done at the end of the day. There will always be a few dirty dishes in the sink, but I can do a lot better.

2. Ditto, the laundry. This will become crucial once the baby arrives, especially with cloth diapers.

3. Food inventory. Getting the old stuff eaten and having meals in mind, ready to make. I’ve gotten much better at this since I left my job. But again, I can do better.

4. Continue my good work at organizing our home, purging the junk and minimizing the intake.


5. Continue my yarn diet – no new yarn until I make a substantial dent in my yarn stash. This could take a while. And finish those projects that have been sadly neglected.

6. Work on my sewing. I’m terrible, just terrible. But I want to be good. I have so many projects in mind, but become frustrated when my technical skills let me down. It doesn’t help when your husband is so much better at sewing. I’ve been working on a felt teddy bear for months, while he can make vestments for Lent through next Christmas in a weekend. But it’s not a competition. Mostly.


7. Make better purchasing choices every day. Some days I rock. Other days, not so much. I’d like to be more consistent about spending our money, especially since I am responsible for most of our purchases (groceries, household, etc.).

8. Save. Even when we have nothing. I know it is possible. Besides our car can’t live forever, our house is old and our cat is elderly – I see big expenses on the horizon.

9. Make a little extra to pay for my online classes. I’d like to take two courses this year, which will cost about $1500. This is not something I want to take out of the household budget.

10. Dent our debt. Despite our expenses, our current debt and the challenges of the next year, I don’t want to owe more this time next year.

Here’s to successful goals for all of us!


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