Let CleanFest 2010 Commence!

Finally, I wrote my exam today. I panicked at the last moment and pushed it back two days and would have written it tomorrow if there had been a spot available. As usual, I have no idea how I did. We shall see.

Now that I’ve finished my course AND been laid off, there is nothing standing between me and CleanFest 2010. There’s oodles to do – more unpacking, a stack of dishes, baby things to wash put away (I was so ahead of the game but darn those generous people that won’t stop giving us things) and meal planning a-plenty. My due date is three weeks away so while I wouldn’t mind having this baby some time soon, CleanFest 2010 should not be put off.

Are we ready?

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One response to “Let CleanFest 2010 Commence!

  1. If you have any energy left after all that, did you want to swing by here and have a miny cleanfest?

    Just asking… 🙂

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