It’s Come To This

As you may remember, my seemingly innocent choice to give the cat canned food has sent our lives into a downward spiral into insanity.

The cat doesn’t just beg and whine for his meals, he becomes hysterical. He isn’t just hungry, he is STARVING. He is going TO DIE. He yowls. He throws up.

And putting him in his cat carrier for a time-out worked (sort of) for a few days. Then his hysteria returned and he did something that he’s only done once before during a particularly horrible summer of fleas and serial baths. He wet his little kitty self. He was in the carrier for about an hour and when I came to get him out, he was rather damp. A peek into his carrier and together we acknowledge that this was a low point for both of us.

I cleaned up him and the carrier and he toned down the morning hysteria (slightly). But now the humiliation is all but forgotten and he came to wake me up at 5 a.m. I stuffed him under the covers with me, which calms him for a while but doesn’t do much for my restfulness. By 7:30, he was sure it was time for breakfast and howled for an hour until I felt I had proven my will was stronger than the cat’s and we started our day.

Clearly, we can’t live this way. So I purchased an automatic pet feeder. Thomas is so sleep deprived that he was willing to spend up to $100 to solve our wee problem. For me, the thought of managing the cat’s hysterics and a newborn baby made me want to drink so I researched and scrambled and found something that I hope – PRAY – works for us.

I can’t believe it’s come to this.



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5 responses to “It’s Come To This

  1. Oh my… you wonder what pet food makers put in the food. Sometimes I think it’s crack or some kinda drug to make our pets go nuts like that.

    My dog is the same way with canned food. She’ll stand by the fridge scratching the door begging for us to open it and mix it in with her dry kibble.

    We tried to fool her once and put steamed vegetables in with the kibble and she just looked at us with an expression that said “I know I’m a dog but I’m not stupid! Now do the right thing and get that wet food!”

    Hope the automatic feeder solves the problem. Hopefully your cat will adjust once the baby arrives. Most pets learn that they aren’t the baby anymore when a human baby comes into the house. HAHA.

  2. Oh my!!! If you didn’t post a pic of your cat I’d swear we own the same cat!! lol!! Mine does the exact same thing!! Starts whining & begging before the roosters are up! Drives me absolutely insane!! lol!

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  5. Wow!!! I love the way you so articulately explained the insane morning of a cat owner. My husband and I on a daily basis are talking about how our cat acts like he hasn’t eaten in months. He doesn’t whine yet, we’re convinced his vocal cords don’t quite work… but he pesters starting at 6 am and doesn’t stop till someone gets up and gives him his wet food. We have an automatic feeder to… but we don’t put wet food in it. Thus, the problem remains. I just noticed this is from February and I’m guessing you have a new member in the family now. Congrats and hope the cat toned down a bit! 🙂

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