Officially, the baby is due today. Ha! Clearly, there’s no baby yet. People keep sharing their unhelpful stories, such as:

“I was ten days overdue. I didn’t sleep at all.”

“My aunt went three weeks and when they induce her, it was the most painful delivery ever and that’s why Dakota is an only child.”

“My sister-in-law is still pregnant. Her son should be four by now. She picked an arbitrary birthday and we gather around her belly and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ every year.”

Awesome. Despite being uncomfortable, I don’t mind the waiting. More time to procrastinate! And seeing the frightened look in the eyes of people who ask when you’re due and you tell them “in two days” is even better now that I can say “today”, as though you are going to spontaneously explode a baby in their midst. And both Thomas and I enjoy going out together before he changes after work – seeing a grossly pregnant woman and a priest grocery shopping together late at night or eating in the back corner of a restaurant gives people something about which to whisper, not so subtly. When I was about seven months pregnant, we were in Connecticut at a convention and a man saw us walking together and burst out laughing.

No, I’m happy to wait. So far.

In the exciting world of bargoon hunting, I hit on something delicious yesterday. There’s a tiny community north of us, about 30 minutes away. It has a quaint downtown and seems to be designed for the over-55 ladies. A friend came to visit yesterday and we drove out there for lunch at a lovely tea room (that has a separate Elevenses menu!). I knew a bakery there that I thought she might enjoy. Thomas and I were looking for a place to eat brunch one day – instead, we checked out the bakery, bought a bag of day-old donuts and ate them all on a bench outside (don’t judge us).

As I learned yesterday, Wednesdays are $0.55 muffin days. I was planning to bake and freeze some muffins for post-baby, but who could resist the big, beautiful, delicious muffins all ready to come home for less than $7 a dozen? The day-old shelf did not disappoint, either. A homemade blueberry pie for $4 and a big bag of multigrain dinner rolls for $1.05. I wish we lived closer. Or had a larger freezer.

Is it wrong to have pie for breakfast?


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  1. It is in my experience that babies come when they’re good n’ ready! LOL!! And NOBODY can convince them otherwise! 😉

    Sounds like you found some great deals!! Enjoy! As for the pie, it’s blueberry… that means its’ full of fruit which you should really eat at every breakfast. So imo, it’s perfectly acceptable. 😉 LOL!!!

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