Baby Budgeting

Before I was pregnant, I created a baby budget. I didn’t assume any gifts (I did not want a baby shower, that’s a whole other post) and I thought about practical needs. Well, people love a new baby and though the generosity is sweet, it is a bit overwhelming. There are things we wouldn’t have bought ourselves and there are few things that we are going to pass on to someone else. This is how it broke down:

crib – second-hand from a friend
crib mattress – $70
crib bedding – gifts from parents
changing table – dresser from parents, with changing pad on top
nursery chair – second-hand from family
clothes 0 – 3 months – many, many gifts
cloth diapers – $183
car seat – gift from parents
playpen – second-hand from neighbours
breastfeeding pillow – second-hand from friends
bouncy chair – gift from parents
baby bath – gift from parents
diaper bag(s) – gifts and second-hand from family
blankets, booties, hats, etc. – gifts from friends and family
baby soap, powder, nursing pads, nursing bras, misc. – approximately $200
two baby slings – $39
ear thermometer – gift from parents
miscellaneous toys – gifts and second-hand from friends and family

What we spent on the baby is about $500. For new and frugal moms, this is a hard budget. On one hand, you can’t assume or know what people will give you. On the other hand, people will give gifts. Perhaps the solution is having a shower and registering, but I hear that people tend to ignore the registry and buy whatever delights them.

In the end, I bought the things that mattered to me: baby slings, cloth diapers and personal items. How did you manage the overwhelming baby “stuff” hurricane?



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4 responses to “Baby Budgeting

  1. You really can’t avoid it to be honest… lol! With a new life comes new items you’ll need. Simple as that… There is SO much out for babies now, I think you did great! For us it was finding somewhere to put it all!

    I’m excited to hear your “baby” news!! 🙂

  2. That was one big squeeze in the budget. I love friends and relatives like these giving gifts all the time !

  3. That is awesome! I remember spending a whole lot more because you’re right… ppl just ignored the registry list and bought whatever they thought was cute. So we ended up with ALOT of clothing and toys — some which are still in their original packaging 2 years later!

    I would recommend if they have gift receipts with their gifts, just return it for credit and then wait for sales for things you need. Credit lasts forever now so it’s good 🙂

    So excited to hear some baby news from you! Hope all is well

  4. I blog all about baby budgeting at do come over and take a peek I hope it helps

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