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We had a couple of tough days and nights – coping with jaundice, breastfeeding, learning that Adam never wants to be put down… ever (actually, we’re enjoying that despite never being able to sleep ourselves), two long car rides back to the hospital and a very sore me, but we’re adjusting to our new life.

Getting back to life, today is the start of our month, as per Thomas’ pay schedule. Last month’s budget was a disaster and the extra expenses of a two-day hospital stay and extra things we picked up on the way home meant we dipped a couple hundred dollars from our savings.

Some of the extra costs were things we should have planned but got lost in the details. Other things, I could not have predicted.

  • Meals for Thomas during the two and a half days we spent in hospital. I shared some of my hospital meals with him because it was too much for me eat but he did get food from the hospital’s Tim Hortons.
  • An invalid ring for me. I knew I would be sore. I didn’t know sitting would bring me to tears and I couldn’t imagine the ride home, an hour over bumpy country roads. Thomas bought me the ring at the hospital pharmacy and it has been wonderful. Highly recommended.
  • Advil. I grew tired of having to page my nurse or send Thomas searching for her when I needed Advil. I had a great nurse during the nights but the day nurses were scarce. Understandably, days are busier but not seeing anyone for six hours or more was not cool. I was desperate so we paid a big city price for name brand, hospital pharmacy drugs.
  • Vitamin D drops. I knew about this, but for whatever reason didn’t buy them ahead of time. Adam took the first dose wonderfully, but threw up the second day (first barfing!). Any ideas why?? I gave him the dose after a feeding – should I do it beforehand? Completely separately?
  • More wipes. We have about a month’s worth of disposable diapers to get us through the adjustment of having a baby. I did not buy enough wipes. The poop. Wow.
  • Polysporin, on the advice of the lactation consultant. I’m pretty chewed up due to some not-so-great advice from the nurses. Our two appointments with the breastfeeding clinic made a huge difference and I am very grateful for their guidance.

So today marks the first day of what I budget as “February”. We caught up on some bills and budgeted the rest. I’m hoping our March budget levels out and we can get back to a more predictable money flow.



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3 responses to “Back To It

  1. Ooo… I remember those days. I could not walk for about 6 weeks (I didn’t have a C section or anything — I guess maybe just out of shape ;))

    Glad to hear you are doing well (with the ring and Advil and all the poop — at least you know he’s healthy! LOL)

    As for the vitamin D — I used to give it right before I would breastfeed because I knew she was hungry and probably would take anything I offered her. I don’t know if it works for all babies but that’s what worked for my daughter.

    Oh yes…. wipes and diapers. That’s where all the money goes and still goes! I totally understand now why people had 5-6 boxes in their shopping cart when Costco had them on sale.

    One thing I do advise is just stock up on these whenever you see them on sale — even if it’s just the bigger sizes (you’ll need them anyways eventually). And wipes never go bad so load up (or you can go the budget friendly route and use a wet wash cloth when you’re at home and use wipes just when you go out)

  2. Canadian Home

    Thanks! I tried the drops before feeding him (half a dose, in case it ended badly again) and it worked! So far, so good! Thanks again!

  3. Where are you putting the Polysporin? Not on your ni**les I hope.. (not sure if you want that word on your blog, feel free to edit this msg) if they’re sore (which they will probably be brutally sore at first) use some Lansinoh (or any knock-off brand will work too). It is the *BEST*, but will stain, so use br**st pads! You can put it on before & after you nurse! I’ve nursed (almost) 4 kids so if you ever need an ear or have any ?’s you can email me.. 🙂

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