Alone Together

Or How To Clean Urine Off An Antique Camel-Back Chesterfield

Today marked the first time I was alone with Adam for a significant amount of time, from 6:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. as Thomas went to work (he is still taking his Sunday services, but didn’t do weekday office hours last week nor will he this week). I was nervous because Thomas has been wonderful – feeding me, washing dishes, changing almost all the dirty diapers, grocery shopping, snuggling a fussy baby…

We did well, considering I’m getting increasingly weepy (not sad, just overwhelmed with happiness to the point of being a hormonal sap). Until 10:00. Oh, dear.

Adam woke up with a wet diaper. I changed him. We prepared to nurse. Then he loaded up his diapers big time and began howling. I changed him again. And in the split second between diapers, there was an unfortunate incident involving urine, his clothes, his face and our chesterfield. So many questions to be asked and lessons learned: why are we changing him on this surface? we know this happens – why aren’t we using a facecloth during crucial diapering maneuvers? how do you clean urine off an antique camel-back chesterfield?



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3 responses to “Alone Together

  1. HAHAHA… sorry I have no advice about cleaning an antique camel-back chesterfield.

    While reading this post I was remembering the poop that stained our drapes and carpet. Daughter had projectile poop when she was younger it was disgusting. Had to rent a steam cleaner from the store!

    You think those eco friendly pet urine cleaners would work? I’ve used that before when my daughter had an “accident” (or we were too lazy to put her on a change pad). Seemed to do an ok job.

  2. Oh boy… I remember a “series of unfortunate accidents” when my oldest was a baby.. wasn’t always urine either. ACK! LOL!!! I would try that pop stuff that people use a mixer in drinks.. umm… I totally can’t remember the name of it! But you probably know what I mean.. lol!!

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