Alone Together, La Deuxieme

Or How to Save a Small Piece of Lasagna Despite Being Licked by Your Cat

I don’t how I’ll manage next week when Thomas goes back to work. The first time he left us alone was a bit hairy. The second time was for his Ash Wednesday service but my mother-in-law was here so we thought, “How bad could things get?” I found myself plunging a seriously backed up and flooding toilet for an hour, while the cat ate the leftover lasagna on the dining room table, while my mother-in-law told me exactly how and where she was putting away the leftover salad. Then later, as I continued to plunge, mop and panic, she explained how she could probably save the serving of lasagna by scraping away the top layer, which was probably all the cat licked anyway. (Thomas ate this later, by the way.) Disaster.

I fear next Tuesday when I’ll be all alone. Expect one-handed typing of a sobbing message.

2010 Goals updated!



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4 responses to “Alone Together, La Deuxieme

  1. Aww.. lol! It’ll get easier… for now you just have to wing it! 😉 Hang in there… it does get easier! (most days, I won’t fool you.. lol!)

  2. I hope and pray that things will go better than your wildest dreams. Hang in there.

  3. LOL! I’m so sorry for laughing but the way you describe things in your posts are just too funny. It’s like watching a sitcom.

    Hang in there. It will get better!

  4. Canadian Home

    Thanks for the support, ladies!

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