Igloo-Like Conditions

When we moved into this house, there was no insulation. At all. One of the first things we did was tear out the walls in the oldest part of the house (our bedrooms, living room and library) and insulate it. The “newer” part of the house (1940s, as opposed to the 1890s part) isn’t insulated either and comprises of our bathroom, dining room and kitchen/laundry room.

We keep the thermostat at 18 degrees Celcius (64 Farenheit, my Americans!), which is an improvement on how we used to live. In the Big City, we couldn’t control our ancient radiator heating and the landlord never fixed it properly. We spent three winters at about 14 Celcius (57 Farenheit). When spring came and the apartment reached the legal minimum of 18, we wore Hawaiian shirts and drank tropical drinks in celebration.

Needless to say, even at 18 degrees, there are sweaters and slippers all around. Blankets are draped over every chair. The other day I had a casserole in the oven and I found the cat perched on the stovetop, his pitiful feet beneath him, warming himself.

I’m not sure how much we save by keeping the house this cold. After our last few hydro bills, I’m not going to press my luck by turning it up. I’m curious about other frugal families – how cold is your house? is there a certain pride on how low can you go?



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4 responses to “Igloo-Like Conditions

  1. 18C?! You are wonder woman.

    For the first year after our daughter was born, we were pumping it up to 25C in the house. Getting lectured by grandmothers to keep it toasty because kids lose lots of heat (so they say). The bills were outrageous to say the least and that’s where alot of my EI went.

    Now that we’ve made it past 1 year, it’s now at 21C and wow… we are rich! Well, it sure feels like it compared to 25C.

    But you take the gold medal for the how low can you go competition. Good for you for being able to do it!

    • Canadian Home

      To be clear, I don’t enjoy it. I hate being cold. At a previous job, I worked in a glassed in office with a separate temperature control. One winter I discovered I could raise the temperature to 32 degrees Celcius (90 Farenheit) and was in HEAVEN.

      • HAHA. 32!

        Well even though you don’t enjoy the cold, you still manage to get through the days at 18C. Just think one day you’ll sit back and and laugh…

        You know what they say… if it doesn’t kill you…..

  2. I think it’s about 22C here… but we don’t control our heat or i’d have it cranked right up! LOL!!! I hate the cold, i’m always bundled up from head to toe! lol!

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