Penny Pinching

There are some penny-pinching ideas that I happily embrace. And others that I don’t find worth it. For example, I cut our dryer sheets into thirds. Considering that 120 dryer sheets cost about $3,  it might seem that I’m not saving a lot of money (2.5 cents each versus less than .8 cents when cut in thirds). If I do an average of one load of laundry a day for 8 months a year (we have a clothes line), that’s $6 a year compared $1.92. But it means that instead of buying dryer sheets every 120 loads, I can dry 360 loads before I need more, possibly once a year. If a third of sheet does the job, why use more?

On the other hand, I find comparison shopping for toilet paper too much hassle. It is too hard to compare rolls from brand to brand to know when you’re getting more bang for your buck, though I know some super frugal heroes have done the math of sheet size and number and thickness. Instead, I chose a mid-priced brand that we like, partly because it also doubles well for blowing noses in our allergy-plagued househould and partly because I often have coupons for the brand and it goes on sale about once a month.

The pennies do add up and I’m always looking for ways to trim our spending even further. The question is “how frugal is too frugal?”


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  1. When you’re no longer having fun and turn into a grouch. So says my husband! There are some days he says it’s great living on a budget and then there are days when he says counting pennies is making him turn into a negative person (as he is an optimist and generally happy go lucky)

    Like you, I don’t compare cost of toilet paper (too difficult to calculate what the per square price is LOL) but we did eliminate dryer sheets and bought those dryer balls (the blue spiky ones) when we moved into our home. So we have saved quite a bit I think. Haven’t used a dryer sheet in 4 years!

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