Guess what? Sometimes babies don’t sleep at all at night. And sometimes they do sleep but only when someone stays awake to hold them. And they don’t care if the holder never sleeps again. Babies can be sneaky that way.

I suppose the evening fussiness/not sleeping anywhere but Mama’s arms is very common and the (supposedly) comforting truth is that most babies outgrow it by three or four months but on this side of the crying that seems VERY far away.

Still, he’s cute as a button.


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  1. Dawn

    I have a 7 month old and I know how you feel! When she was Adam’s age there were many, many nights that her and I were up ALL night or that she would fall asleep in my arms but then scream bloody murder if I tried to put her down so I could get some sleep too! It gets better, trust me!!

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