Get Out

My March goal was to get outside every day. This is a big challenge for me for two reasons: one, the combination of a new baby and the Canadian winter and two, though I like going out, I really like being home, warm and cozy. The first day of March, we went to the doctor’s and to the bank. Yesterday, I made a quick trip to the grocery store. So I’ve gotten outside but I was aiming for something more than errands.

A friend came to visit today and we bundle Adam in a snowsuit, strapped him into his stroller and walked to Tim Hortons for lunch. Adam slept the whole time. Success!



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3 responses to “Get Out

  1. Absolutely perfect! Timmy’s is a great outing! Glad it went well. Did you roll up your rim to win?

  2. Aww.. what a sweet pic! Gotta love it when they sleep! lol!! I love your stroller! Great masculine colours on it!

  3. That’s a great goal — I should do the same thing with my daughter too but I am very much a homebody like you are. And I hate winter. HAHA.

    I’m glad the outings have been successful.

    And you never know, winter could be over (it’s going to be double digits this weekend — I think in your area too although I have no idea where you live LOL)

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