March Menu

As I’ve mentioned before, our monthly budget starts on the 15th of the month, Thomas’ payday. I do one big grocery trip and buy milk and some fruits and vegetables during the rest of the month. Everyone knows the key to this working is planning and it took me some time to find a way of planning meals that worked for me.

Planning a specific dinner for each and every day didn’t work. Either something needed to be used up before the planned meal or we would have leftovers from a church function or we wouldn’t be home for dinner or we weren’t really hungry, etc. Instead I plan a month’s worth of meals and I have more flexibility. This month I’ve planned 21 dinners, knowing that we will eat at the church a few times and we will have leftovers on other nights. Our breakfast and lunch menus are quite boring (but inexpensive!).

I’m feeling bored and uninspired with our usual meal plan. If anyone has any ideas to make this more exciting (but still doable with a baby that never sleeps), let me know!


Thomas is happy eating the same things for breakfast most mornings so I buy him peanut butter, bread and instant oatmeal for him to take to work. I eat yogurt and fruit, cereal or toast. When we’re both home and awake at roughly the same time, I try to make eggs or pancakes.


Thomas takes leftovers to work or eats from his stash of canned soup that I buy on sale. He has a few lunch meetings during the month and eats out. I eat bits and bobs of leftovers and other things that need to be eaten up, which I think a lot of moms do out of thriftiness and lack of time.


roast chicken x 3

soup, bread and cheese x 3 (soup made from the leftover chicken carcasses)

rice, beans and quesadillas (cheap! and I use leftover chicken for the quesadillas)

pasta x 3 (with homemade tomato sauce, in a casserole, etc.)

butter chicken with spinach and rice (my favourite!)

coconut curry chicken and rice (new last month and both Thomas and I enjoyed it)

maple porkchops, mashed potatoes and broccoli (a favourite of Thomas’)

fish x 2 (I see what’s on sale and/or what I have a coupon for when buying fish, which can be expensive)

pizza and salad x 2 (for lazy nights)

honey garlic chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots (new recipe!)

hamburgers, sweet potato fries, salad

ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans (Easter dinner!)


We are a very snacky family in the evenings. Yogurt, fruit, cheese and crackers and when we’re being naughty, we have chips, chocolate and pop (bought on sale at least!). This month I’m going to make some salsa because I don’t like the store-bought variety and if I make a good-sized batch, I can use it over one of our fish dinners. Yum.



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4 responses to “March Menu

  1. I’m sorry that I can’t offer anything creative. Our breakfasts and lunches are pretty uninspired. Cereal for my Beloved, yoghurt & allbran for me. Lunches for my Beloved are usually leftovers or sandwiches. Me?? whatever is quick and easy… macaroni with tomatoes or a pbj sandwich.

  2. I have the same problem with meal planning. I have a ton of cookbooks but many of the recipes take way too much time or only require a pinch of this, a tablespoon of that and I don’t know what to do with all that extra stuff that comes in the spice bottle.

    For breakfasts we’re not very creative either because we are not morning ppl. HAHA… we eat cereal, toast, eggs and that’s about it.

    Sorry I can’t offer any suggestions. Just wanted to say I share the same problem. LOL. They need to have a cookbook that’s something like $5 dinners but with some really ethnic dishes and can be prepared under 30 minutes. I wonder if that’s impossible?

  3. Ugh, the dreaded menu plan. I too have the same problem – bored with the same old, same old. I plan one week in advance around the food items I have at home and what’s on sale. I don’t have any suggestions either, your menu plan is more creative than mine! I clip recipes from Woman’s World magazines and keep them in different binders. When we get bored with our meals we explore the binders and try something new!

  4. Dawn

    If you are making your own salsa (mmmm!) I would suggest fajita night! A fav. at my house! You can use the chicken from the roast chicken and just buy a pepper and an onion! And then just get some wraps, lettuce and sour cream if you like and your yummy homemade salsa! So good!! 🙂 Does not take long at all, trust me. My baby doesn’t give me much time to make dinner either.

    We also do a frozen pizza and salad on lazy nights!

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