Use It Up

I mentioned what a treasure trove of toiletries I came across when we moved (twice) last year. We have no storage in our current bathroom (we’re building another bathroom upstairs that will have a wee bit of storage space) so I moved a small shelf in there temporarily.

Considering I am very low maintenance in the primping department, this is a ridiculous amount of product. Sitting in the bathtub last night, I counted five bottles of shampoo, five bottles of conditioner, two large bottles of bath soap and about a dozen bars of soap. There’s also countless tiny bottles of moisturizer, face cleanser, sunblock, lip balm, etc. etc.

I am on my way of using it up. Ideally, I won’t have this ridiculous stash considering our total lack of storage. I haven’t bought shampoo, conditioner or soap in about a year, which is great and it feels good to finish off another bottle or another bar. It’s going slower than I’d like because I don’t need to wash my hair or face as much as when I was working (which is good in the long run).

I’m making an effort to use the “special” things – face masks, fancy soaps and the like, too. To be honest, it’s not much of an effort – it’s fun! I’ll post an after picture during the summer to motivate myself to use it up. Once the frivolous stuff is gone, we’ll be able to maintain a more realistic and simpler (and thriftier) bathing routine.

How’s your stash?



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4 responses to “Use It Up

  1. We don’t have much of a stash (if any) on this stuff.. we recently just stocked up on body wash for hubby ’cause we found some awesome coupons. Other than that… I may have a deoderant or 2 set aside. LOL! Maybe i’ll have to work on finding some sales and stocking up!

  2. I will admit to being weak when it comes to stuff like facial cleansers and lotions. And I inevitably I get fancy body washes and soaps in my stocking every year for Christmas. I probably have enough body wash to last me until next Christmas.

  3. Oh, man, this is such a challenge for me! I have more than I need of just about everything. I should do the same thing – make a concerted effort to use it all up!

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