Operation Jiggly-Bits Update Week 1

Let’s call this the Transition Week, shall we? It wasn’t awesome but I did learn a few things.

1. I have a monkey on my back and it is called Caffeine. I developed an addiction during years of the business that is show with the unpredictable and often long hours. During a long tech week, no one judges you for drinking a litre of Diet Coke at 6:00 a.m. Then I left that world and got a job in an office that offered FREE COFFEE! All day! Until 3:00 p.m. When we have FREE TEA! Bad news.

This habit reared its ugly head when I realized how often I was drinking a caffeinated drink and not drinking water. Making the effort to drink water instead is hard when I’m sleepily dragging myself along but I feel much better when I’m sipping water all day.

2. This week has been a good reminder that I need to make an effort to eat more fruit and veggies. And in order to do that, I need to buy them more often.

3. When I decided on walking 3 or 4 times a week and doing yoga 3 or 4 times a week, I thought I was darn clever. If the baby was having a good day and napping well, I could do yoga. If the baby was having a fussy day, we would go for a walk. We had a string of fussy and rainy and icy days. I managed 3 walks (good!) and 1 day of yoga (boo!).

The weather this week is supposed to be awesome so walks should be very doable. And I hope that I get in some yoga, too because I miss it.

4. Avoiding junk food? Ahem. Well, there’s always next week, though I am slightly concerned about Easter chocolate going on sale.

March 29

Weight: 151 (starting weight 156)

Waist: 36″ (starting measurement 37.5″)

Hips: 41.5″ (starting measurement 42″)

Week 1 Conclusion: Feeling awesome about a renewed love for yoga and drinking water. Feeling not-so-awesome about what I’m eating and being shut in with crappy weather.



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3 responses to “Operation Jiggly-Bits Update Week 1

  1. I think you did great! You lost 5lbs in the first week!?! Awesome!! 🙂 Good luck this week!!

    • Amy

      I’m not reading too much into this. I’m breastfeeding and I think drinking more water made for less bloat. I don’t really feel that I “earned” the 5 lbs… but I’ll take it!

  2. 5 lbs is amazing, I’d say that your first week was a great success! I hear you on the holiday candy going on sale! That does me in too! Hopefully we’ll be able to leave the deals on the grocery store shelves!

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