Cozy Pillow

One of my 2010 goals was to finish unfinished projects. As our disaster dining room is also our craft room, I have even more reason to pull out those sadly neglected projects.

I knit this easy-breezy pillow cover so long ago I don’t even remember. It’s straight knitting in a beautiful yarn – Noro. I enjoy the process of creating more than the finished product (see: unfinished pile of knitting). While I like the challenge of more advanced knitting, it’s nice to knit simply and enjoy the slipping of needles and the pull of the loops. This piece of knitting was tucked away and only needed to be sewn up and stuffed with a feather pillow.

Now it’s a super cozy pillow, perfect for cuddling, propping and snoozing.

2010 goals updated for March!


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One response to “Cozy Pillow

  1. Lovely…

    All my blog buddies who knit are really starting me thinking about trying to learn. I actually used to know how… many many MANY moons ago. Even if it’s just to make a baby blanket or something.


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