Being Safe and Sound

Last night, Thomas and I woke up for the baby at 3:30 and noticed flashing lights outside. It isn’t unusual for the police to set up in front of the house next door for a RIDE check (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere – is this only in Ontario?) but there were a lot of lights. There were two firetrucks with their hoses out, police cruisers blocking off our street and several ambulances. A firetruck blocked the wreck but we watched the police search the neighbourhood with dogs. When we awoke this morning, the emergency vehicles were gone but the street was still blocked off as the police conducted an investigation.

A car had been travelling along the road and missed the curve. Completely. No braking, just straight into a tree. Last December, an intoxicated driver did the same thing but missed the tree and ran into the house on the corner. Last night, there were beer bottles in and around the car. There were six people in the car; one passenger died and the driver and another passenger fled the scene.

Tonight, we pray for the driver and passengers and their families. We pray that all those who saw the wreckage this morning, remember to drive safely. We pray for safe roads for everyone.

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  1. Hokey dinah…

    We get a lot of that in our neighbourhood, being between the college and the hospital. Hopefully you will have a quieter night tonight. Sending prayers.

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