Dining Room: Before and After

Let me remind you of the disaster:

And now:

Looking at the pictures now, it doesn’t look very different. But I moved the extra table onto the porch, cleaned the floor (such as it is) and put down a rug with Thomas’  help, found a place for (most) things that belong in here and moved out what didn’t need to be here.

This room is our dining room, craft room, laundry prep and drying rack room, where I keep my cook books, our office, our bathroom linen and cleaning supply storage, among many other uses, yet to be discovered. I’m pleased with how it turned out considering how functions this space must serve. Now it is a very pleasant place to be.

A good start to a month of clearing out the clutter!



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2 responses to “Dining Room: Before and After

  1. Bravo! That’s great! I need to get motivated and clean out some closets and storage room.

  2. Awesome job. Although I look at your before picture and think to myself “That’s not messy. I wish my house could have a before picture like that”. HAHAHA

    Clear the clutter! I’m working on it over here this month. Gah… so far I only cleaned up the kitchen counter. LOL

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