Decluttering CDs

I have about 200 CDs, which I hardly use. I love (most) of the music but I find I listen to music while on my computer or listen to the radio and rarely put in a CD.

So I’ve started an ambitious project of copying all my CDs onto my computer. I’m hoping to use the money from online surveys and Swagbucks to buy an external hard drive to back it up. I briefly hesitated when I thought about not being able to look at the CD booklet, but really, if Ihaven’t looked at it in 15 or 20 years, I can probably get by without it. Besides, in a few months when Adam is more mobile, the CD tower will be in the baby play zone and in line to be pulled over. (Not to mention, one less thing to dust!)

Most of my music is classical and it will be much easy to find a certain piece when the computer can sort by title or composer. And I’ll be much more likely to listen to my music. It’s all good!



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5 responses to “Decluttering CDs

  1. LOVE your new blog look!!! Fabulous! Geez…. everyone is switching around the looks of their blog.. I feel left out.. haha!! I’ve never seen this layout in the wordpress choices, but it looks great!

    I love Classical music too.. its the best!! 🙂 What do you plan on doing with your CD’s? Going to sell them?

    • Canadian Home

      Yes, I’m thinking of selling them at one of our Saturday community parking lot sales this summer. I figure $2 each or 5 for $10 is a good deal. And it beats listing every CD on Kijiji. I’ll hold onto them until then unless I figure out something else.

      I like the new look, too! It’s a new theme on WordPress.

  2. I would love to get one of those external hard drives for our cds and our pictures too. Good for you for starting the project! You are so motivated… I’m jealous.

    • Canadian Home

      Laziness is a big part of it… it’s less to dust and we are the dustiest family ever. And honestly, I know I’ll listen to more music if it’s on my computer.

      Backing up our pictures is a big part of it, too.

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