Line Drying

I knew when we bought a house that I wanted a clothes line. When we bought this house, it had not just one, but TWO clothes line and very permanently installed. It’s not going anywhere, come high winds or Armageddon. I used it for the first time this week:

I hear sunlight is awesome at getting stains out of diapers. I hope so. Adam is one stain-making baby.

While I was in back, quaintly line-drying my laundry, I found more wonderful things growing:

I love this house.



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2 responses to “Line Drying

  1. I wish I could have a clothes line but being in a condo is not very conducive to that. I envy you your clothesline and your flowers!

  2. mary

    Mrs. Gamgee,

    I live in an apartment so I can not have a clothesline either. I do have a great clothes drying rack that I put out on my patio so I get the fresh air smell and the cost savings.

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