Spring Cleaning – Bathroom Edition

The good thing about our seriously clogged toilet, the valiant fight and the resigned call to the plumber, is that I was forced to take everything out of the bathroom. This sets up the room perfectly for spring cleaning… and boy, does our bathroom need it.

We’re building a second bathroom upstairs and eventually, will renovate the original bathroom. In the meantime, we are living with the gross and bizarrely decorated room. I wrote previously about “using it up” – using all those special lotions and potions that we save for a special occasion or those stockpiles of sale items. The second part of using up all the useful items is getting rid of items that will never be used.

Throwing away something that CAN be used is hard for the frugalite. When we save bread bags and twist ties and coffee cans, it seems particularly wasteful to throw away half bottles of lotion or unopened (yet expired) sunscreen. But keeping things that deep down we know will never be used, despite our best intentions will only lead to clutter and in turn, waste our time and space. I have a half bottle of leave-in conditioner that I’ve had for at least ten years. I’ve moved it several times, dusted it and always found room for it in the bathroom. Who knows why I’ve never used it (I’m guessing laziness – if I’m not going to use conditioner in the shower, it’s unlikely I’ll use it once I’m out) but it can’t be any good and I know I will never use it. It needs to go.

Once the bathroom has been cleaned and disinfected, anything going back in will have to successfully plead its case. Gone are things that are expired, don’t suit me or have worn out their welcome.

What are you holding onto?

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One response to “Spring Cleaning – Bathroom Edition

  1. The things that I’m struggling with right now are some of those useless wedding giftes we were given. Ugly (and I do mean Uuuuuglyyyy) linens, the multitude of wedding themed picture frames, and the really stupid number of casserole dishes. With the exception of the casserole dishes, which I may have used once or twice each, I haven’t used any of these things. I keep telling myself that I can regift them, but I have two problems with that… first, if I know they are ugly and usleless why would I give them to a friend or family member? And second, because we got married in our 30s, there aren’t many friends getting married these days.

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