Catching Up


Sunday afternoons and Mondays are catch up days for me. Thomas is home and can keep an eye on Adam while I try to catch up on the biggest messes. I do what I can during the week, depending on Adam’s tolerance for watching me do housework (I’m guessing he won’t always find watching me fold laundry to be AMAZING). I do a few things when Thomas is home in the evenings and always try to do one more wee chore at the end of the night when I think I’m too tired to do anything. This week I made a list of things that I wanted to get done over the two days and only missed vacuuming the library (I didn’t want to kick Thomas out of his chair on his only day off) and making chicken stock.

This is everything on my list that I managed to get done:

  • dishes (mostly)
  • folding towels and laundry (not put away but waiting nicely in the basket)
  • sweep living room floor (the dust bunnies had turned into dust bisons)
  • clean cat area (the cat takes his food out of the bowl and drops it on the floor before eating it… why???)
  • make salsa
  • vacuum upstairs
  • tidy baby’s room (mostly… it is a bit better)
  • wash and hang dry a load of diapers
  • wash a load of baby clothes (mostly outgrown)
  • return a duplicate baby gift

Making lists is working for me for two reasons. One, if I just looked around at what needs to be done, I’d be lost and overwhelmed. And two, finishing everything on the list gives me some sense of accomplishment, rather than focussing on everything else that needs to be done.

In my working girl life, I was a big list maker. My job(s) involved many, many details, most of which were fairly crucial. Having a list got things done, but it was also a way to look back and see what had been done. This isn’t as important with housework (it’s pretty obvious when I do the dishes… or don’t) but again, it’s nice to look back and see what you’ve done just to remind yourself how much you do.

Are you a list maker? Does it work for you?


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One response to “Catching Up

  1. I need lists, but I also need deadlines… otherwise I can procrastinate like a champ. My house gets it’s best cleanings when I know I have people coming over.

    Many times I wish I was like my mom (and really, who wishes that?!?)… she has set days for different chores and when she wakes up on Tuesday, she can’t help but sort the laundry. It’s a compulsion. Wednesday is housecleaning day. Oh to be that motivated.

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