Ten Things About Me

I was very happy to see that Mrs. Gamgee had bestowed upon me this award.

It was welcomed opportunity for an easy post and boy, do I need that today.

Adam slept the best he’s ever slept last night and we are thankful. But it took some effort to encourage him back to sleep several times. In the end, he slept for 4.5 hours, ate for 30 minutes and slept for another 4. I am so proud of him. This hasn’t been easy for any of us.

Anyhoo, the rules! Ten things about me (anything at all) and the ten bloggers I want to hear ten things about!

About my childhood, as I think it says a lot about me:

1. I had a very uninspiring educational experience. In elementary school, I was bullied and had a series of teachers with questionable qualifications and intentions. The 7th grade was almost entirely dedicated to “art projects” and I was deemed an “independent learner” for the 8th grade and one of nine students that spent the year working on our own, or to say it like it is, finishing your work quickly by sharing answers and goofing off unsupervised.

In high school, the bullying continued and as my bullies got bigger and meaner, I gradually stopped going to class. By the 11th grade, I went to class to hand in major assignments and take tests. I walked along the nearby nature trails and went to the public library the rest of the time. Most of my teachers knew why I wasn’t there as the bullying was out in the open, so no one said boo about it. Only one teacher who didn’t know me well called my parents because I had missed 42 days of her class. I think my parents were convinced it was that one class. After three years of not attending school, I graduated (early) with an A average.

2. I was one of the 80s kids that were meant to be “well-rounded”. I took swimming lessons, music lessons, ballet lessons, Highland dance lessons, went to Brownies, Sunday school, school break camps, the Anglican church summer camp. I must have had a lot of energy because I don’t remember feeling rushed or overwhelmed. I think my mother must have been trying to wear me out.

3. I was one of the smallest kids in my class until the summer between 6th and 7th grades when I grew to be average to tall-ish. I also  had the most horrible of all awkward stages in the history of human development from age 8 to… well, I’ll let you know.

4. When I was 14, I was babysitting for a sketchy family late one night and a drunk guy tried to walk through the front door. I pushed back against the door and screamed like crazy. I didn’t overpower him but he eventually gave up (I think he was tired of the screaming). The kids didn’t even stir. I never told anyone about it.

5. In the 5th grade, my best friend (at the time) and I had imaginary babies. We had imaginary car seats, strollers, outfits. We put them down for naps so we could work in the library. We watched them learn to crawl. All to the general horror of our peers. Later, my friend became pregnant at 18. Hmm.

6. When I was 10, we went to Florida and I was fascinated by the manatees. At school that year, we had to choose a mammal for a project. Naturally, I jumped at learning more about manatees. My teacher had never heard of such a thing and when she conceded that this mythical creature may exist, she said it would be too hard to find information. I ended up learning about the white-tailed deer.

7. I went to nursery school in the basement of church that was surrounded by a cemetery. We used to take walks there. One day, we saw a casket being lowered into the ground and I was confused about why they were burying a piano. Incidentally, my favourite theme of nursery school was the Grocery Store.

8. My best neighbourhood friend was three years older than I, so I got into more mature trouble than I should have. She stole some cigarettes from her father, which is how I was smoking DuMaurier King Size when I was nine. We had heard that each cigarette took a day off your life and we figured we had so much time left and the days at the end weren’t much fun anyway, so we took the risk.

9. My next-oldest brother was my hero. He let me help him on his paper route, bought me little treats and, in the only way our family can stand up to bullies, let himself get beat up instead of me. He played with me when no one was watching and occasionally read to me, if I promised to be in bed by the time he was done brushing his teeth.

10. I’m the baby of the family and no one will ever let me forget it.

Tell me about yourself!

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6 responses to “Ten Things About Me

  1. Loved reading this post and getting to know more about you… I hated school but didn’t fare nearly as well as you did… you are obviously much smarter than I am! LOL!! I’ll work on a post for this week… I don’t know all the rules.. do we just post 10 things about ourself type of thing??

    Oh… yay for Adam sleeping!!! I have 4 kids and 3/4 of them didn’t sleep well AT ALL. Even now my almost 3 yr old (tomorrow) wakes up nightly, sometimes numerous times.. I feel like a walking zombie somedays, so i’m right there with you! Only thankfully i’m done breastfeeding.. haha! That’s even more draining I found! Hang in there… I’ve been told one day they’ll sleep through the night. 😉

  2. Canadian Home

    I think the “rules” are post ten things about yourself – totally random or some sort of theme if you want to get creative!

    He’s only slept this well once. We’ll see how it goes! And happy birthday to your little one!

  3. Yay! Great reading all this about you… I did the huge growth spurt thing too, in sixth grade. I ended up being the tallest in my class (except for the guy who was held back two grades). The kicker is, I stopped growing then. I’ve been the same height ever since.

  4. Thanks for sharing!

    My post is up now, mostly about my childhood too. You are right when you say your childhood says a lot about you because mine certainly has influenced the person I am today.


  5. What a great list. I have to get off my butt and do my version of this too.

    Isn’t bullying the WORST? That is why I am homeschooling my oldest son. When your kid says “I’d rather die than go back there”, well, they don’t go back there.

  6. Wooooo! Loved reading about your life. I was tearing up at your story about your older brother. Sibling love… always makes me mushy. And weepy.

    Alright, will be doing my 10 things post tomorrow! Trying to tire out a 2 year old today 🙂

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