Operation Jiggly-Bits Update Week 5

Well, small changes are making a difference. Day to day, it’s hard to get everything right – from drinking enough water to getting out to exercise in crappy weather to everything else planned and unplanned. But I see thoughtful living is working.  Really thinking it over when faced with meal planning or choosing to stay inside or not when it rains, I find this challenge (and being accountable every Monday) is a great motivator for making better choices. Checking in every Monday helps me start again when I feel healthy choices are being passed over too often.

Anyhoo, the dirt:

April 26

Weight: 149.5 (starting weight 156.5)

Waist: 36″ (starting measurement 37.5″)

Hips: 41″ (starting measurement 42″)

One more week!


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One response to “Operation Jiggly-Bits Update Week 5

  1. Wow! You’re making great progress…your inches and pounds are really coming off!

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