What’s Happening Round-Up

Well, I think I’m done our taxes. Finally. I have to transfer all the numbers from the grubby, scribbled over sheets that I had been working on to a fresh sheet, so Canada Revenue doesn’t see the insanity. Lack of sleep certainly complicated the matter and I made silly mistakes that lead to a bizarre calculation three pages later that compiled with my erroneous desire to mix up the federal and provincial forms. I hope we never move again because I don’t want to file a paper return again EVER.

But, it’s done. (Until I find another six mistakes while transferring the information over.)

* * * * *

I think Adam has hit his three month growth spurt. He’s been super hungry, which makes me super hungry, too. And he’s been sleeping better than ever. He slept for a five-hour stretch on Sunday night and a five-and-a-half-hour last night. Woo!

* * * * *

The weather has been lovely and I’ve started digging up part of the yard for an herb garden. Adam’s patience for gardening is about an hour so I’m going bit by bit. In the end, I think it will be 4′ x 12′. My mother has bought me chives, parsley, rosemary and thyme. I’m hoping to add dill, coriander and lavender.

We’ve also planned a vegetable garden. More on that later!

* * * * *

Our new bathroom is SO close to be finished. My father has been doing most of our renovations (which is AWESOME) and he’s ready to lay the floor tile. There are many nice things about this bathroom: it’s upstairs so we don’t have to come wandering down to the cold downstairs bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s not hideous ugly like our current bathroom and it has a shower. Full disclosure: I haven’t had a shower in almost a year. Our current bathroom has a beautiful cast-iron, claw-foot tub. It’s great for a soak but not-so-much for washing long hair. I am thrilled that I can soon have a shower. Woo!


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One response to “What’s Happening Round-Up

  1. Wow… lots of doings around yoour place. I can’t imagine going without a shower for a year. I’ve never been a big bath person.

    I’m glad that someone in this country is having good weather. It started raining last night and at aroun 4:30 this morning it turned to snow and it’s still going. I have to keep remindng myself that it’s May. Have fun planning your garden!

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