Operation Jiggly-Bits The End

This week worked out to be more maintaining than loss, which is fine with me. The week went by in a blur but I did work some muscle digging a wee herb garden (boy, did I feel that) and the usual walking when the weather is nice. I’ve been adding more veggies to our meals, which goes back nearly a month ago when I made our meal plan and did our monthly shop. Drinking lots of water is something I have to remind myself to do. It’s so easy, yet so easy to overlook as well.

May 10

Weight: 148.5 (six week loss: 8 lbs)

Waist: 35″ (six week loss: 2.5″)

Hips: 40″ (six week loss: 2″)



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2 responses to “Operation Jiggly-Bits The End

  1. Great OJB results! Sounds like a very healthy weight loss more than a pound per week! It’s been great to watch your progress over the past 6 weeks, keep up the great work!

  2. Way to go! You did great…awesome weight loss.

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