Snacking Monsters

This week was Thomas’ payday so we did our huge monthly shop. It’s a lot of work and would be impossible for me to do alone now (especially with the baby, though I did do it throughout my pregnancy), but doing one big shopping trip saves us time and money.

We do most of our grocery shopping at a discount grocery store in the next city. Our wee little town has one high end grocery store, which is out of our price range. I check the flyers for sales at other stores and while Thomas waits with Adam in the car, will dash in and out for sale items that would save us a good deal, like chicken breasts, cheese, etc. I buy fresh produce, which I use in the first two weeks and frozen veggies, which I use in the last two weeks.

One of the problems with this system, however, is snacks. We eat a lot of snacks and unfortunately, no matter how many snacky foods I buy, we’ve run out in about ten days. And the more I buy, the more we eat. I’m not quite sure what to do about this and it is a problem as buying snacks throughout the month does some real damage to our grocery budget.

To make matters worse, our nearby city has a new Bulk Barn. (By the by, the website is awesome. It lists almost all of their products, which is helpful for shopping and also lists the nutritional information and cooking instructions in case you lose the little slip of paper from the store. Cool beans!) We went on opening day and it was a bit sad to see so many people we know there – oh, the excitement of the Bulk Barn! The snacking possibilities of the Bulk Barn are only going to add to our embarassing snack budget.

Anyone have any ideas on better snack budgeting?



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2 responses to “Snacking Monsters

  1. Monica

    Wow, we would be so screwed in the snack department if we shopped once a month! I usually try to bake cookies or muffins once a week after all the store bought snacks are gone. Besides being cheaper, it helps me use up all the oodles of chocolate my kids tend to receive on holidays like Easter, Hallowe’en and Christmas (I freeze majority of the chocolate).

  2. Canadian Home

    Baking is a great idea. I’m hoping to try and bake something on the weekend (when our hydro is at it’s lowest price).

    Thanks for the chocolate idea! We live near a store that sells a lot of holiday chocolate at discounted prices just after the holiday. That’s a great use for it!

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