Little By Little

I’ve been taking on a few little money-makers that seem to work for other bloggers and it is beginning to pay off.

Online Surveys

Granted, you need to have some time on your hands, but not as much as you think. A survey that suggests it will take 20 minutes to complete might take only 5. Most of the surveys I qualify for are about grocery shopping and like a lot of budget-minded people, I don’t have to think long and hard about what we buy. I know exactly what we buy and why.

The money from surveys doesn’t come fast and furious so I never had dreams about it become part of our regular income. But when we want something (not NEED something), it’s a fun goal to work towards. Currently, I am saving for an external hard drive to save our one billion pictures of Adam and my music library so I can sell off my CDs (and lose the dusty clutter!). You can see the progress bar on the right – I’m 25% there and I’ll be adding another $25 to the total soon.

These surveys have worked for me:

Web Perspectives




I was inspired by the Happy Housewife, who buys a lot of her gifts using Swagbuck gift cards. When I realized that I made most of our Christmas presents last year and we spent just under $100 at a bookstore for the remaining gifts, I thought I would give it a try. As of now, I’m 40% there! Thomas also collects Swagbucks, which is awesome and makes it that much faster. And I find the Swagbucks search engine is better than when I first started using it.


Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily speaks highly of Kijiji. My former boss was pretty happy with it, too. I posted an ear thermometer (new in box!) that I didn’t need and it was there for six weeks, but it sold today! Selling on Kijiji might be difficult for me because we live in the middle of nowhere (ish) and our community and the communities closest to us aren’t represented in the regions listed on the site. I list in communities that aren’t too far away and hope that people nearby are checking in.

But Kijiji is awesome for us for buying things. Now when we need something, instead of hunting around second-hand stores for a few weeks, I can browse Kijiji first. Cool beans!

Do you make a little extra online?



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2 responses to “Little By Little

  1. I suggest Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market too, these have worked for me for at least 3 years each. Also, the latest 2 that I’ve discovered are and Focusline Surveys. Focusline has a lot of opportunities, but they are slow to pay. Since December I’ve made over $75 (been paid twice, waiting for another $25 to be deposited to my account through PayPal), so it’s not a small amount .

    Good luck!

  2. I do survey’s through e-rewards and have earned a few GameStop gift cards and a magazine subscription.

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