This and That

My mother-in-law is coming for a visit on Friday so I’ve been busy cleaning. As much as I’ve been cleaning, though, it doesn’t look much different. Sigh.

* * * * *

Our monthly grocery shop coincided with very good weekly sales. It’s times like this that I really long for a chest freezer. We don’t have the room (or money) for one now but when ground beef and chicken breasts are at the lowest price they’ll ever be, it’s hard to limit myself to what I can cram in our fridge freezer.

There were good sales on other things that I could stockpile. A sale lined up with some coupons I had for laundry detergent and I have enough detergent now for the rest of the year! And with strategic couponing, I bought liquid detergent for less than 2 cents a load.

* * * * *

Adam continues to chew on his wee hands. The teeth haven’t broken through yet, but now I can see FOUR teeth coming up on the bottom. Poor guy. Anyhoo, his hands looked awful from the constant chewing and drooling and I can’t imagine they felt very good either. On Monday, I finally clued in that I could use Lanisoh on his hands, distracting him long enough for it to soak in and then not have to worry if his hands went right back into his mouth. I wish I had thought of that much sooner. His hands are healing very well.

* * * * *

My mother was in San Diego for a conference and went to the San Diego Zoo during her free afternoon (I am insanely jealous, by the way). She brought home a cute sleeper for Adam and this zoo keeper outfit:

It’s so cute I could throw up. I wish they made them in adult sizes… well, I suppose they do. Anyway, it’s awesome! It’s a size 2T and because if Adam grows like his Papa (and seems to be), he’ll be tall and skinny, which means he can wear this for awhile. My mother-in-law told me about a pair of swim shorts that Thomas wore for 3 years when he was a toddler/little boy.

* * * * *

My mother also bought Adam his baptism outfit. He is being baptised on Sunday (by his Papa!) and my mother started crocheting an outfit in February. We didn’t know Adam would turn out to be the Amazing Super-Growing Boy and would be pushing the limits on 9 month old sizes at 3 months. The outfit she was making is too small so she bought him something instead.

I do want him to have something handmade, though and on Monday I cast on a pair of booties. One is finished and hopefully, I’ll have two by Sunday morning. Wish me luck!


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