Adam had a party night on Tuesday night (up every two hours or less when his usual is about every three hours) and I’m finding that it’s taking me longer to recover. I am super tired, my muscles feel weak (in the mornings especially, I worry about dropping the baby) and I can’t think very well. Fortunately, laundry doesn’t take a lot of thought.

Our cloth diapers have a smell to them, which I suspect is detergent residue. We have very hard water and everything has a dullish coating to it. I’m trying the usual fixes and hopefully, by the end of today we will have sweet smelling diapers once again.

I need to keep moving today. If I stop I may never move again. Zzzz…



Filed under Baby, Work of the House

2 responses to “Yawn

  1. Those nights are rough. I hope you make it through the day and get a better night sleep tonight.

  2. Praying that the little guy has a quiet night, so that you can get some rest. Take care!

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