Happy Homemaker #17

I’m feeling Canadian:
What happened to spring? It’s 34 degrees celcius (93 Farenheit). The cat follows me around and collapses dramatically on the floor wherever I am.

One of my simple pleasures:

Using herbs from my new garden in our scrambled eggs.

On my bedside table:
Folktales of French Canada. Last night, I read a story about a chicken (a cock, actually) that was cut in half by a feuding couple. The man rebuilt the back half of his chicken with straw where the bird eventually hid a wolf and a creek. Odd, very odd.

On the menu for tonight:
Something that doesn’t involve the stove. When I wrote out this month’s menu plan, it was still cold outside, so I have a freezer full of chickens to roast and a pantry of hearty soups. Menu planning fail.

On my To-Do List:

Hang cloth diapers on the line. I think I have conquered the smell with a course of RLR and baking soda.

Bargoon(s) of the week:
Do I love our local Shoppers Drug Mart. The manager puts dairy products and bread on clearance at least a week before they expire. Yogurt tubs for 50 cents! Whole wheat bread for 99 cents! Also, with some well-timed sales combined with coupons, I stocked up on some good dish soap for 99 cents a bottle.

Looking forward to:
Last Happy Homemaker, I was looking forward to warmer weather. Ha ha. Now I’m looking forward to some cooler weather so Adam and I can resume our daily walks. La donna e mobile.

Not looking forward to:
Our hydro bill. Eek.

Something new this week:
With the help of my parents, digging our vegetable garden!

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One response to “Happy Homemaker #17

  1. I was wishing the same thing – for warmer weather and now I can’t leave the house because I want AC!

    Great deals at SDM! Man, wish they would reduce more of the food items at my local SDM. Always hair colour and makeup which I don’t use.

    Good idea – staying away from the stove. I hope this heat wave passes quickly.

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