More Walk-In Fun!

On Sunday night, Adam woke up at 4:30 and was very congested. I couldn’t believe he could still nurse with his stuffed up nose. It’s not unusual for him to be stuffy overnight but this was more than usual, though it did clear up a few hours later.

His diaper that morning was DISGUSTING. I won’t go into detail. It was significantly different than other messes but nothing that was particularly alarming otherwise.

That evening, he nursed and then when I moved him up for the burp, he threw up everything he had just eaten. Or so I thought. The rest came up about 30 minutes later. (P.S. I was thrown up on twice and still haven’t had a shower. Glamour Mom!) All this was in addition to some head grabbing/rubbing that had been going on for about 24 hours.

Thomas and I packed him up and made our way to the walk-in clinic for the second time in three days.

When we went on Saturday evening – a beautiful sunny day – we were the only ones there. When we went Monday evening – oh, my. Kids of every shape, size and disease, including a teenage girl who I’m sure had pink eye. If Adam wasn’t sick before, he certainly will be now.

We had a different doctor this time and I felt obliged to point out the nasty rash on his face and tell the doctor that we were here for something else… two days later. I started to feel like an OxyContin addict that moves from one walk-in doctor to the next, looking for a fix. The doctor was very nice and checked Adam’s ears, which thankfully were fine. He told us that it’s probably a virus and to let it run its course.

While I’m not entirely convinced that it’s a virus, I’m glad that we went and had him checked out.

The congestion, the uncomfortable and copious gas, the eczema – it sounds like a reaction to me. We’ll be seeing our family doctor next week and I’ll see what she thinks. I know something isn’t right. On the other hand, I don’t suspect anything serious.

Anyone else have any ideas? He’s nearly four months old and is exclusively breast fed.



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2 responses to “More Walk-In Fun!

  1. Monica

    I hope your little guy is feeling better. Right now both my kids have a virus. Diarrhea and runny noses being the main symptoms until today my son threw up at school. For the most part, both of them seem to be feeling fine and acting normal until a symptom flares up. Could his rash possibly be a heat rash? My nephew is about 4 months old too and he’s got a rash on his face too and my sister-in-law thinks its a heat rash. I actually remember my daughter having this as a baby too in the summer months. I think I used Aveeno for babies to treat it.

    • Canadian Home

      I think he does get a bit of heat rash around the diaper area, but it isn’t bad and easily cleared up with some airing out.

      The rash on his face and elbows is definitely eczema – it’s dry and crusty. Ick.

      I hope your kids are feeling better!

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