The Back 40

My parents came over this afternoon to help us plant our vegetable garden. Last fall, Thomas dumped the raked leaves from our lawn in the general area where we wanted the garden and earlier this week my father used a rototiller to dig the garden and mix in the leaves. He was also responsible for digging the holes.

My mother and Thomas planted asparagus, tomatoes, green beans, yellow beans, squash, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, beets, carrots, Spanish onions and red onions. My mother also got a raspberry bush from a friend, which we’ve added and we already had plenty of rhubarb growing. And the herb gardening is still alive and growing (you can see the edge of the garden in the photo above, lower right corner).

I couldn’t help with the planting as I was on baby duty but I did manage to get some pictures of other things growing in our yard. All of these flowers were here before us, growing despite being neglected for a very long time.


Check out the updated Extra Income progress bars on the right! Woo hoo!


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3 responses to “The Back 40

  1. Gorgeous flowers! It looks like you’re going to have an amazing garden!! Wish we had the yard for a garden! Hopefully next year!! 🙂

    On another note, did you receive the Chapters GC’s I sent via email by any chance? The rest is on the way this week! 🙂

    • Canadian Home

      I did receive the GC – thank you! I’ve added them to our Christmas fund, which is a big help towards our goal.

  2. The flowers are beautiful! I wish I was able to grow things. I come from a long line of exceptional gardeners, but I just suck at it.

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