June Goals

I’ve put up some goals for June. They are all about saving money.

In order to make our budget work and also save a little, we need to make further cuts to our already tight budget. To get this started, we’re going to have a very lean summer.

I’m doing what I can to trim even the smallest amounts.

  • Line-dry most of our laundry. I’m already doing all our laundry at night and on the weekends when hydro is cheapest. And line-drying means taking the dryer out of our budget entirely. There are some days when it rains and I will have no choice, but I’m going to do my best to line-dry whenever I can.
  • Coax the baby into sleeping without swaddling. This may not seem like a money-saving endeavor, but it is. Adam is a very sweaty little guy and gets too warm easily. When the weather gets too warm and he’s swaddled, we need to turn the air-conditioner on in our bedroom. If he can sleep in just his diaper, our room doesn’t need to be as cold.
  • Reduce our grocery budget to $250 (per month). This is going to be tough and will mean a significant change to our meals. We were spending about $400-$500 a month in groceries and snacking. If Thomas and I both sacrifice some of our favourite things and we’re very careful about what we do buy, I think I can make this work.
  • No other household spending unless disaster strikes. My household budget includes groceries, clothes, cleaning supplies and anything else the house needs, everything from towels to household repairs to vet visits. The entire household costs average $650. Reducing our spending to only groceries and reducing that cost to $250 should free up $400.
  • Allowance system for day-to-day spending. The last category in my budget that could use some serious trimming is my day-to-day category. This includes eating out, entertainment and cash withdrawals. Anything that we don’t really NEED. In the past, the day-to-day costs average nearly $300. I’d like to try an allowance system for Thomas and I to reduce this ridiculous number. Because we’re working with a very tight budget, I’m starting with $50 for Thomas and nothing for me for the summer.

I’ll continue to post updates with how we’re doing and any other frugal ideas we have. If you have any great money-savings tips, please let me know!


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2 responses to “June Goals

  1. Do you guys like beans? If so, buying the dry beans saves a bit of money. Since you are only cooking for 2 adults, you could cook a whole pound bag of beans and freeze about half of them.

  2. Those are some very ambitious goals. I am cheering you on girl!

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