Unless Disaster Strikes

So I finished the post about my June goals, which included “no other household spending unless disaster strikes” when I noticed that the washing machine had stopped. I had a load of diapers in there and I was rinsing twice to get rid of some stubborn detergent residue, so the cycle seemed awfully short. I opened the lid and found a full washer of soapy water. I fiddled with the knob, trying to re-start the machine, but no dice.

My first thought was a wee baby sock or socks had jammed up the machine. I proceeded to pull out all the diapers, dumped them in the bathtub and was using a pot to empty the water from the machine and down the sink. While entertaining the baby. I got pretty far before Adam lost all interest in this show and I took him upstairs for a nap.

Thomas came home while I was still upstairs. I feel bad that whenever Thomas comes home, I seem to have bad news – be it the hydro bill, be it a clogged toilet, etc. etc. He must think I wait for him to leave the house and then I run around and systematically break appliances and throw fistfuls of our money down the toilet, giggling as I flush (and consequently clogging the toilet).

To complicate things, our washing machine (and dryer) are in our very tiny kitchen. When we bought the house, there was a wringer washer. Thomas sold it on Craigslist and my parents gave us an old washer they had. To get it in the kitchen, my dad and Thomas had to pull out the fridge… to pull the oven… to put in the washer. And put everything back. It’s wedged in the back corner of a very tiny kitchen. Still believing that there was a clog somewhere in the line, Thomas pulled the washed away from the wall as far as he could and I stuff myself behind and pulled hoses and snaked drains (due to previous disasters we own TWO plumbing snakes). No dice.

We determined the problem wasn’t the plumbing – thank goodness – and being the nerds we are, googled for answers. Our make and model of washing machine apparently has “lid issues” so I went to check the mechanism that tells the washing machine that the lid is closed or open. And by “check” I mean I poked at it with a chopstick. It wasn’t bouncing back as you think it would.

To make a long story short (too late), Thomas took a part the washing machine with great difficulty in such a small space and he dug out the mechanism. The plastic casing had come a part, thus busting the whole deal (I don’t think that’s the technical way to describe it, but there it is). He looked online for the part and with shipping, it was looking like a $50 fix. As we are in a lean way financially, we patched it up with electrical tape and put it back together.

It works!

Can you believe it? I am beyond thrilled that we found the problem and FIXED IT OURSELVES. Granted, it may fall a part tomorrow. But tonight? Tonight we are appliance fixing heroes.



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4 responses to “Unless Disaster Strikes

  1. Woo hoo! I love that feeling, when you are able to fix something that you really know nothing about. And though it sounds a little silly, I will be praying for your washing machine to hold out a few more months.

  2. Way to go! We fixed a fridge earlier this year thanks to the Google School of Appliance Repair.

  3. Good for you! That must have been SO frustrating…luckily, I don’t think we’ve ever had to fix an appliance (at least one that we owned–I know my husband had to fiddle with our last apartment’s washing machine a bunch), but I bet our time’s coming. 🙂

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