Today is Better

Yesterday at 11:00 a.m. was a real low point.

Adam wouldn’t sleep and after hours of rocking and soothing, I put him down in his crib so I could use the washroom, when the cat, who I knew was going to throw up (he was acting funny for days and started following me around) came upstairs and puked all over the hall. I can’t believe his stomach could hold so much. It took two rolls of toilet paper to clean it up, while I tried to comfort Adam from my spot in the hall, crouched down and mindful of where I had cleaned… and where I hadn’t. The hall cleaned, the baby (finally) asleep, I was halfway down the stairs to get some breakfast when the right lens popped out of my glasses.

I’ve had this pair for nearly three years and that darn right lens has a great sense of humour. It’s come out while I’ve been driving, at work while I was in the middle of calling a series of fast and furious cues, once on tour when we arrived late at a venue and I had to assemble their sound equipment in 15 minutes and always, ALWAYS when I’m having an awful day.

Glue doesn’t work, tape is a quick fix, though it makes me look like a lunatic. Our insurance covers a new pair every two years so the cost of replacing them isn’t an issue. Despite the hassle of finding an optometrist and making an appointment, this last equipment failure has pushed me over the edge.

Stupid glasses.

Today is better.



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2 responses to “Today is Better

  1. Ugh! Aren’t glasses a pain? I hope you are able to find an eye doc and get them replaced soon.

    Sending prayers for a better day today (and for the rest of the week!). You deserve it!

  2. Canadian Home

    Thank you!

    Sometimes I marvel at those who wake up in the morning and can see the alarm clock – with only their EYES!

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