Dinner Guests

We had our dinner guests (the first in our new house!) and considering the dietary limitations, it worked out well. It was just salad but I came up with some tasty and filling ingredients. I washed and cut everything and kept them in separate bowls and we took what we wanted buffet-style. Fortunately, our guest was able to eat everything!

This is what I “made” and what it cost from our monthly food budget:

spinach $3.99

lettuce $1.69

chicken breasts x 4 $0.00 (from last month’s budget, kept in the freezer for the occasion)

celery $1.79

cucumber $0.89

avocado $2.58

red onion $1.76

green onions $1.14

blackberries $1.97

blueberries $2.00

figs $4.95

goat cheese $3.99

bottled water $1.58

carbonated water $2.98

Total: $31.31

And there was salad leftover for lunch the next day for Thomas and I. We had a bottle of red wine that I received as a gift ages ago and our guests brought a yummy apple and blueberry cobbler, which we had with tea and coffee. I wish I had taken pictures but that may have been hard to explain/slightly crazy.

It was a nice evening and I’m pretending the pile of dishes does not exist.



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2 responses to “Dinner Guests

  1. Awesome! I’m so impressed, and that salad sounds incredible!

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