What Librarians Know

Living in a small community and seeing the same people day after day, one begins to know another without saying a word. The neighbourhood sees our cloth diapers drying on the line and see Thomas come and go wearing his clerical collar, the cashiers at the pharmacy know about our various ailments, the mail carrier knows (and probably hates) that I receive many, many free samples and coupons and when I checked out some books at the library today, I realized that our librarians must know a lot about us, too.

After today’s selection from the Why-Won’t-My-Baby-Sleep?? shelf, they certainly know what isn’t going on at our house. I actually put a book back because I thought taking out several books about helping baby sleep might look a bit desperate. Instead, I found a book of knitted afghan patterns to prove that I have all sorts of free time. (I don’t.)

Anyhoo, the trip to the library was to pick a book that I had requested a while ago, but there was a waiting list (that in itself says something about the local babies) – the oft recommended The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I’ve already read most of it and honestly, it’s a relief. She acknowledges the options that Western society embraces – cry-it-out or live-with-it, which has been bothering me because I knew there must be another way. And Adam and I need some help.

The book contains no magic, no promises, no quick-fixes. But it offers a lot of good advice about helping your baby sleep as well as they can. And that might not be all night. Not right now.

I need to make sleep and making better conditions for sleep our priority for a few weeks. And because logging Adam’s sleep just for myself seems awfully depressing (I stopped looking at the clock every time I get up weeks ago), I thought I’d share it here. Starting tomorrow I’ll recap our night and hopefully, we can all see the progress. I hope.



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3 responses to “What Librarians Know

  1. I’ve often thought about what the peripheral people in our lives actually know about us… like the drug stor clerk who knows who’s pms-ing just by keeping track of who’s buying chocolate, gossip magazines, and tylenol.

    • Canadian Home

      I’ve always wondered if you can buy condoms in combination with anything else and not be judged (as I judged people when I worked in a convenience store). Condoms and Cheetos? Condoms and Windex? Condoms and pregnancy tests?

  2. Good luck getting the munchkin to sleep better.

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